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Knights of Malta [SMOM]

Dec 26 2012 | P.D.S |

Let us look closely at the Knights of Malta (The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM). The public face of the Knights of Malta is a “charitable organization” that raises money for various philanthropic endeavors, in areas of health care and international relief. They own and direct infirmaries and hospitals (under the auspices of the Order of St, John who operate the St John’s Ambulance Service). However, according to American Historian James Parton, the Jesuits and the Knights of Malta stay in the background, while the minions of other orders do the work in public view.

Who then are the Knights of Malta and what is their role in the “Millennium End-game” spoken of Malachi Martin? The Knights of Malta is the oldest of the remaining Catholic Chivalric orders. This Order has been incorporated into the 13° of Freemasonry, depending on which Rite of Masonry is involved.

This Knights of Malta will play a powerful role in the future take over of America. We know this because in the 1930’s General Smedley Butler was chosen because of his popularity with military. But, as with the Gunpowder affair in Britain (1605) the plot against America was exposed, and General Butler was subpoenaed to answer before congress. He blew the whistle and named several prominent Americans, including John J. Raskob, a founding member fo the U.S Commandery of the Knights of Malta, and board chairman of General Motors. At the time Raskob was also the U.S Treasurer of the Knights of Malta. The power of this Order is seen form the fact that although congressional hearings investigated the plot, and despite General Butler’s testimony, none of those he named, including Raskob, were ever called to testify and nothing ever came of the hearings! Most Americans have not heard of the plot, never mind the hearings. And although it is recorded in the Congressional records, you will probably never find it in any history books. Who really controls America?

The Iran-Contra Affairs revealed William Casey, ex-Director of the CIA, a member of the DFR, and a Jesuit-educated member of the Knights of Malta, with the help of Vice president Bush Snr, and others had also developed a plan to suspend the the Constitution of the United States and were preparing to implement the plan when they were caught. Although these facts were proved at the Iran-Contra hearings, they were again suppressed, as was the 1930 Butler Plot. How are these men able to perpetrate such crimes of treason and then disappear in a haze of Congressional hearings – only to emerge again, unscathed and untried? Such is the power of the “men in black,” the knights of Rome. The ‘principal words of this Order ;the Knights] are, Rex Regum, Dominus Dominorum – ‘King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

The initials of the Order’s motto are “I.N.R.I" you will see encircled upon their banner. This initial, I.N.R.I. was placed upon the cross of Christ. We are told that “After the suppression of the order of the Knights Templar by the Council of Vienne in 1312, a considerable portion of their assets were conferred upon the Knights of St John (a.k.a the Knights of Malta), with which order [i.e. St John’s] they were, by a general decree in the papacy of Clement V, annexed and incorporated.” They were and remain a military organization. Their headquarters is in Rome, and they control the Banking Industry and the Military complexes of the world. According to sources, they oversee Chase Manhattan Bank with its branches in New York and Moscow; as well as the international Intelligence Community- the KGB and the CIA.

[The SMOM With Pope Benedict XVI]

The Order of the Garter (a Masonic order, whose patron is the queen) is the secret innder group within the Order of St John of Jerusalem (of St. John Ambulance fame), which most people aren’t aware is the British arm of the Knights of Malta. The late scholar of Wadham College, Oxford, England, R. Cohen, observed:

The Knights of Rhodes – as they were called at the time – were the only real survivors of the militant Order of Chivalry. Two centuries earlier their great rivals, the Templars, had been dissolved [allegedly – In fact they were merged], and a large part of their endowments handed over to the Hospitallers. The great secret of the long and enduring success of St. John was their capacity for adapting themselves to the changing needs of the times…. The Reformation was rapidly spreading, and was likely to prove dangerous to the lands of the Order in Northern Europe, and various monarchs were mediating the seizure of the Hospitallers’ estates now that the order was temporarily without a justification for its existence…..

……the Order of St. John, which had large possessions both in England and Ireland…. The Grand Prior held the position in the House of Lords…. Conditions are laid down for the maintenance of the Order [the Knight of Malta] in England. The two main stipulations were, that any Englishmen admitted into the Order must take an oath of allegiance to the King, and that no member in England must in any way recognize the jurisdiction or authority of the Pope. Henry was well aware that the Knights could never consent to [those] terms….

….Many of the Knights fled to Malta; others were executed for refusing obedience to the act of supremacy….. The Grand Master of the Knights of Malta in 1565 was Jean Parisot de la Valette….he had been a Knight of St. John all his life…. The English branch of the Order of St. John has devoted itself for the last ninety years to the succour of the sick and wounded, setting up…. Convalescent hospitals, aiding the sick in other hospitals, and establishing ambulance litters…. which as last developed into the St. John Ambulance Association.

Thus we see that the Catholic Knights Malta is a vast and powerful army – the English branch calling itself the Order of St. John – operation under cover of the work of caring for the sick and wounded, the establishment of running hospitals and the ambulance service. What a guise, what a ruse! Of course they do ‘good’ works, that we won’t deny; but it was to avoid the suspicion of the countries which had come under the influence of the Reformation that Sovereign Military of Malta, changed its name to the Hospitaller Order of St. John. This is a little-known secret, outside certain circles. The website of the Knights of Malta reveals  “The Grand Master of the Knights is drawn from the knights of Justice, who have taken the usual religious vows of chastity, poverty and obedience [to the pope]… Ranking as a Cardinal of the Catholic Church, he is elected for life and is assisted by a Sovereign Council on which sit, amongst others, the Great Officers who are: The Grand Commander, the Grand Chancellor, the Hospitaller, and the Receiver of the Common Treasure” http://www.orderofmalta.org.uk/history.asp ).

Worldwide, today there are about 70 are knights of justice (heads) who have all taken the full religious vow of profession. Others, the knights of obedience, take a lesser promise of obedience to their religious superior, usually their Grand Prior. Many religious clergy also serve as chaplains of the Order. The Order has ambassadors of diplomatic represent in more that 80 nations, and enjoys Permanent Observer status at the United Nations General Assembly! The Knights of Malta are so powerful that they even have diplomatic immunity under international law, and the ranks are confined to Roman Catholics. It has diplomatic ties with many countries: they can even ship goods across borders without paying duty or undergoing customs check, and cannot be sued. The Order has its own Constitution and, although no longer exercising territorial control, issues its own passports! What extraordinary prerogatives! Such is the power of the “Black Nobility.”

[2008 Grand Master Giacomo dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanquinetto with Pope Benedict XVI] The SMOM is truly sovereign, and it is no surprise that they are headquartered at Rome! The head of the Black Nobility claims direct descendancy from the last Roman emperor. Do you not see where this is leading? The Vatican has set up the Pope John Paul II Centre, in Springlake, New Jersey: part of its “peace plan,” for the world. Notable past Directors of the John Paul II Centre were Hurt Waldheim, former Secretary General of the United Nations and ex-nazi war criminal; and J. Peter Grace of W.R. Grace Company, once head of the Knights of Malta in the United States. The SMOM is also behind the anti-abortion league. Patrick J. Frawley is a Knight of Malta and his wife, Geradine, a Dame of Malta, is a leading member of the Right to Life League. Out of interest – while we are in the mode of unearthing nuggets – let us look at some recent Commanders of the Knights of Malta. It is known that Cardinal Spellman and Edward M. Egan were of this order. Also of note is the fact that on December 20, 1993, George Bush Snr. was knighted by the Queen of England as a Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honorable Order of Bath (established by George II in 1725). On June 14, 1989, Queen Elizabeth II awarded President Reagan the Order of Knight of the most Honorable Order of Bath and the Knight Grand Cross. The latter Order has the Maltese cross as its badge. The Maltese cross is an emblem of the Knights of Malta. Here is a “who is who” of the Knights of Malta and their connection with the American government. Knight of Myron Taylor was President Roosevelt’s envoy. Knight of Malta John McCone was President Kennedy’s envoy and also the Director of the CIA in the early 1960’s. The first U.S Ambassador to the Vatican, under President Ronald Reagan, was William Wilson, a Knight of Malta. Frank Shakespeare who replaced William Wilson, was a Knight of Malta. Shakespeare also directed the U.S Information Agency in the early 1970’s. William Casey was the head of the CIA  as Ronald Reagan also appointed another knight, Tom Bolan, to greet the Pope John Paul II when he stopped off in Alaska after visiting the Philippines in 1981. The former mayor of New York City Robert Wagner, was a Knight of Malta is no accident! Many Knights work for the CIA; and so the saga goes on. In addition to the many names given above the following are some important past and present members of the Catholic Knights of Malta:

Billy Graham (whose mentor was 33° Mason, N.V. Peale).

Bishop Norman Vincent Peale

Pat Buchanan

Prescot Bush. Jnr.

Franz Von Papen

Giscard d’Estaing (President of France)

General Alexander Haig

Heinrich Himmler (Hitler’s SS Commander)

J. Edgar Hoover

Senator Ted Kennedy

Henry Luce (Founder of Time Magazine, etc,)

It is also noteworthy that President George W. Bush, Jnr. Has appointed  as his Ambassador to the Vatican., Mr. Rooney-a Freemason – and who, according to the Ambassador’s U.S Embassy website – is “a member of The Sovereign Military Order of Malta.” Why are there so many knights of Malta as advisers or envoys to U.S Presidents? Ambassador Rooney is also “a graduate of Georgetown [“the mother “ of Jesuit Universities in America].

                                 [Grand Master SMOM Matthew Festing Greets Pope Benedict XVI]